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Improving Tracking…or Alignment….or….(I don’t know)?



  • Andrew Hale
    Andrew Hale

    Nice post, David!  We've always had the fear "what if the hologram drifts during the scenario and the technician removes the wrong screw?"  I've spent some time learning how to get good starting alignment. The tips you listed are spot on!  One extra thing I learned from study is that object/model trackers tend to have less alignment error than marker/image trackers.

    You're also spot on with regard to tracking.  It's all about the device!  I've collected data comparing HL2 to iPad.  HL2 tracking is consistently better, likely a result of those stereo cameras, ToF sensor, and world mapping data.

    Even with perfect lighting conditions, a well-maintained device, a good alignment target, and a well-trained technician, some minimal alignment error will always be present.  To minimize the impact of the alignment error, my best practices are to:

    • Keep in mind that alignment error is proportional to the distance from the alignment target
    • This means you should use a target as close to the work area as possible
    • When detailed work needs to happen in multiple places (>1-2 meters away), perform alignments each time the work moves to a new location (Create 2.12 allows us to trigger content placement operations from the Timeline Editor)
    • If it's a super risky/jumbled situation, use an inset image to indicate the correct item rather than a hologram


  • David Nedohin
    David Nedohin Community moderator
    AR Master

    @... thanks for the feedback!  These are also excellent tips that are very helpful to share!  Keep up the amazing work!


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