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Expert Authors or Authors who are Experts?


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  • Andrew Hale
    Andrew Hale

    Hey David, Community-


    Our company is large, with each of our major products having it’s own internal business structure.


    I think the best way to scale would be a blend of the first two bullet points.  Our best projects have come from close collaboration between product expert and WorkLink author.  An author can’t usually do much without the product expert’s information, and the expert can’t do much 3D work without the WorkLink expert.


    I’d love to have a core team of dedicated xR experts who are skilled in WorkLink and 3D data preparation, acting as a hub for each product group’s xR projects.  The core team would train one or two product experts from each division how to use WorkLink.  Those product experts could take care of all basic WorkLink development needed for their products, while also continuing to support products.  The core xR team would handle bigger picture stuff like CMS, complex projects, general WorkLink projects not related to products, improving workflows, managing style guides, and adding spice to the most important projects.


    I hope y’all find my opinions helpful, and I look forward to hearing others!






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