Welcome Founding Members!! Pinned
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Font Size
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Grey screen after stopping simulation
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Multiple ways to hide or look through an object for the end user
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What's a "Default State"? (and why you should care)
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Improving Tracking…or Alignment….or….(I don’t know)?
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Title Menu Font Size
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Custom UI Templates
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moving .scope file from laptop to iPad/iPhone (iTunes/iCloud not working)
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Simultaneous Multi-Authoring - Risks?
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Authoring for Moving Users to the Next Focus Area
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Solved - Authoring for Moving Users to the Next Focus Area
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Known issue with Chromium 106 Completed
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Looking for authors to help test the upcoming quizzes release
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Tip of the day: use Alt + Click on a Step Hierarchy arrow to expand all
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Custom Workspaces (and why you should care)
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Linear steps or more open navigation
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Shiny, New Authoring Tutorials Now Released!
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