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Linear steps or more open navigation


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    The first couple of times I used WorkLink, I opted for a more linear approach as I was still learning the software. However, as my projects required more complexity I started using a more "open" feel with object triggers and multiple paths. The Sequence Editor is the easiest way to organize and visualize the structure of your project, which I reference often while authoring.

    Another approach I use is fully utilizing the different elements in the UI Editor. As mentioned here, headers can be used to inform the user of 'Where am I?'... In addition, headers can be used to take users to any specific step the author defines. This makes the user experience (UX) better because if they want to return to a Step at the beginning of a Sequence, or exit the Sequence entirely, they can do so quickly by using the header(s). This is a much better UX as opposed to having to hit the back arrow many times to return to a desired Step or Sequence.

    In this example project, the EXIT and Adjust Seat headers have actions attached to them, which exits the current Sequence and restarts the current Sequence respectively. 


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